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Building a website is a big project that requires a lot of different skills. I had to surround myself with people to succeed and seek inspiration in others.
It trully is a team work. That’s why I really want to thank them and give them a bit of visibility.

Web development and integration / SEO

Jean-Sébastien Godard

Being a long time friend of Florent, I cared a lot about achieving his website project.

The purpose of it is to put forward Florent’s photographies, keeping  a minimalist and sleek theme, offering the most enjoyable experience to the user.

If you are not viewing it from a large screen on desktop, don’t worry ! It’s also adapted to mobile devices.

I’m currently working in the web sector, and I can also make time to realize small projects for acquaintances or people who wants to start quickly and confidently their business.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact me on Linkedin !

Logo design

Dorian Elezaj

Hi, I’m Dorian and I’m the designer behind the logo of FPhotography.
I’ve got the invitation from Florent to create his personal logo, it needed to be minimal, well recognized and relevant.
To do so, I have decided to incorporate the “F” letter for “Florent” and the bird that represent the raven, as a carrion bird, ravens became associated with the dead and with lost souls. With a symmetric shape, the same as you can see on graffiti that usually they never miss on the walls of abandoned places.
All these elements and details are connected with the “grunge” photos of abandoned places, houses or fabrics that Florent want to show on his professional photos.
It was a real pleasure and I have enjoyed working on this project.

You can  have an overview of my work on Behance !